Hi there! My name is Sietse Bakker, born in 1984 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I also grew up. Since 2016 I am happily married to Fallon and in late 2017 we became the proud parents of our daughter Maevy.

As a child I have always been fascinated by media. First it was all about television and newspapers, then I shifted my focus to the internet, which became mainstream during my time in high school.

After graduating from high school at gymnasium level I went to study Communications Science at the University of Amsterdam in 2002. In 2003, when I was nineteen years old and while still in university, I founded digital agency Scrn. I decided to drop out of university and focus on growing the company, as well as developing my skills as digital designer.

This year, Scrn will celebrate its 15th anniversary and I have the pleasure to work with 10 enthusiastic young professionals for clients from all over the world. Since 2015 I run both Scrn as well as hosting company, in which I took a 40% stake. The remaining 60% are owned by founder and good friend Danny Mekic’.

From 2006 until 2016 I was, on consultancy basis, closely involved with the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest. I started as Manager Online (2006-2008), then became Head of Communications (2008-2010) and finally  Event Supervisor (2011-2016). In that role I was responsible for the entire event organisation beyond the TV shows. In 2011 and 2012 I was also responsible for the organisation of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Sietse at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Over the past few years I wrote two books (in Dutch); How To Live Wow!? (2011) and De Sparkle (2015). I also have the privilege to speak at events around the world on a regular basis, talking about media, (crisis)communications and leadership.

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Personal life

Since 2016 I am happily married to Fallon and in late 2017 we became the proud parents of our daughter Maevy.

I’ve never been a sports guy, but occasionally hit the gym or take my running shoes to the park. I do consider myself a news junk, interested in American and European politics, and love traveling. I’ve always had a special curiosity for everything that has to do with the universe.

When I pick up a book, I prefer non-fiction, particularly a good biography and books about personal development. My music taste is broad; from Rameses B and Marcus Warner to Maria Mena and Robyn, and whatever Spotify serves me in my Discover Weekly. I find inspiration in people like Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, as well as the late philosopher Alan Watts and — of course! — astronomer Carl Sagan.

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On a side note

  • In 2009 I appeared in the 25-under-25 list of the Dutch business magazine Sprout;
  • In 2010 I finished as runner-up in the search for Dutch Communications Talent of the Year, organised by Yaght and Logeion;
  • In 2012 I was campaign manager of the political youth movement G500.