How To Live Wow!?

A practical personal development handbook for a new generation.

ISBN: 9789022999561 (A.W. Bruna)

What to do with your life? How to become successful? What makes you happy? Questions like these are hardly ever being asked in school, let alone answered. Sietse Bakker decided to help young people search for the answers and give them a critical head start to everyone who relies on chance to find the answers. How To Live Wow!? contains hundreds of insights, tips, tricks and methods that successful and happy people have known and applied for centuries. These people have something in common. Something you need to know!

In How To Live Wow!? you will be introduced to known and unknown people who applied this knowledge to obtain happiness, success, influence, wealth and admiration. They changed the world. Are you next?

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The Sparkle

Discover the details that make the difference

ISBN: 9789400506510 (A.W. Bruna)

Entire libraries have been written about happiness, success, wealth, health and leadership. And still, after finishing one of them, you’re back in square one before you know it. In a world where you have to do more and more in less time, ambitious ideals seem more and more impossible to manifest. So, now what?

Fascinated by the butterfly effect — a small change can have a huge impact — Sietse Bakker asked himself: What are the details that make the difference in your life and the world around us? How do you get more grip on those details? And how to use that newly gained influence to give your life more meaning? Because with the answers to these questions you don’t just have more control on your own future, but also that of the world.

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