Something is going on in our democracies. And it’s probably not what you think.

In Britain, a majority of voters chose to leave the European Union in an advisory referendum. In the Netherlands, a majority of voters rejected an association treaty between Ukraine and the European Union. In the United States, people chose Donald Trump as their 45th President.

These three cases have something in common; each of these outcomes are the result of a democratic process. Their outcome is the will of the majority of the people, and should be respected. We could stop right there. But by doing so, we would not only embrace the idea that the majority governs our society, but also reject the possibility that our democracies are so much more than just casting a vote.

But hold on — these three cases have more in common. (more…)

The team we are building at Scrn

The success of a company is determined by many different ingredients, all of which are closely interlinked with one another. As founder and CEO of Scrn, I have always found one aspect of running a business most challenging. It is, at the same time, also the most fulfilling part of the job; building a world-class team. Because only with a world-class team we can build a world-class company. (more…)

What we should fear most about technological development

“Look! This is how our children and grandchildren will communicate.” My fiancee looked away from her computer, onto my computer screen, to watch a video of a young guy playing with his holographic virtual reality glasses. His hands were playing with a virtual object, a call came in and he chatted with a holographic appearance of his colleague. “This really worries me,” she said. We stared at each other in silence, and suddenly it dawned upon us: We sounded just like our parents and grandparents, just a few decades ago. (more…)